The outputs of this process are:

  • Stock-taking: scanning of relevant policies on multi-stakeholder partnerships for e-skills in the countries covered by the study (EU25, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Croatia).
  • Selected policies and Good Practice case studies selection: Using an (elaborated) version of the benchmarking criteria, MSPs were selected for a more thorough examination through additional information gathering and almost 20 selected for a more detailed evaluation in the form of Good Practice Case Studies.
  • Synthesis: Finally, a synthesis of the case studies were prepared. This step lead to the identification of best practice elements, by assessing initiatives against the evaluation criteria specified. The results are presented in the Final Report including Good-Practices and a bochure.
  • Dissemination: organisation of a workshop with about 50 participants in Brussels, a press release and a professionally designed and printed promotional brochure of 28 pages in 1000 copies.
  • OnlineKnowledge Base: compiling all study results in attractive and highly useable formats in a dedicated online knowledge base on e-skills policies and multi-stakeholder partnerships in Europe.