The main objectives of the study were “to benchmark existing policies and initiatives in Europe on multi-stakeholder partnerships in the field of e-skills and to research and recommend appropriate legal, financial and institutional frameworks for the development of scalable and sustainable multi-stakeholder partnerships. Existing regulations and arrangements have been reviewed with a view to identify barriers inhibiting multi-stakeholder partnerships in the field of e-skills as well as successful solutions already implemented, and to promote the dissemination and the adoption of good practices.
The study, therefore, deals with two subjects of analysis:

  • The regulatory frameworks which enable and actively support the creation and success of multi-stakeholder PPPs for e-skills development;
  • Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) for e-skills development themselves (at national and, where relevant, sub-national level), their characteristics, performance, success factors, short-comings, transferability into other national regulatory/cultural environments etc.